In the past few years, has become an expert in the field of web archiving. Our first web archives date back to 2003, and since then, we have managed – together with our users – to build a unique platform that has proven to be very helpful to many organisations. Every day, we use this experience to help our users. Hundreds of organisations make use of our option of archiving their website records on a daily basis. We archive websites for companies, but also for the government

We already archive more than 360,000 websites per year for both the government and businesses, which is unique in Europe. We work together with various international parties such as The British Library. We both use the same technology and global standards and continuously develop these.

Our team at consists of specialists. Archiving website records is a new discipline for most organisations, so it is good to know that you can rely on people with the necessary expertise.

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What do we do? builds a complete version of your website. You can access all information, images, navigation and underlying documentation by clicking the required fields. All changes are then stored and displayed within the archive.

With, you can archive your website according to your requirements. You can opt to archive the content weekly, daily or even continuously. Visitors can quickly browse and search through the archive and experience your website exactly how it was at a particular moment in time.

The archives are straight away stored in a WARC file format with ISO certification. This is regarded the international standard for web archiving and guarantees the sustainability and authenticity of your archive. works completely independently from any CMS and additional management is not required. We do all the work for you.