archives websites and social media for organisations that have to comply with legislation or compliance rules.

We archive the web records for the Dutch government under the Public Records Act (Archiefwet) 1995. These daily archives meet all the requirements set by the law on web archiving.

Banks and Insurers
Banks and Insurers communicate a lot of information through their websites to which customers possibly can confer rights. takes care of a watertight archive of all online published information within the set of strict compliance rules.

Educational institutions (universities, colleges)
Educational institutions such as universities and colleges are subject to the Public Records Act for government institutions. The archives of these organisations will be similar to the archives of the governing bodies.

Profit and non-profit organisations
We archive the web records of profit and non-profit organisations for compliance requirements or for safe-keeping. With regard to the compliance; this mainly concerns multinationals which need to make a record of all their website communications. With regard to the safe-keeping; this concerns organisations that find it important to archive their web content once a year from a cultural or historical point of view. This way, an organisation can build a long-term archive and will always be able to look back on how the website has developed over the years.

We will always find a suitable solution for every organisation.